My journey through 5 Olympic Games, and everything in between, across continents and time-zones, has taught me that the pursuit of excellence can be tough.  At the same time, there is very little else that can be as rewarding, fulfilling and satisfying.

Having experienced a diverse range of emotions, ranging from the depths of despair to the ultimate joy of winning an Olympic Gold medal, life has been a fascinating journey.

When I look back at my career as a sportsman, in retrospect, I ask myself the questions that you see below. The answers help me tell a story – my story – that might resonate with you, whatever may be your profession, your perspective, your calling. It would be my pleasure and privilege to share it with you.

Why try and be extraordinary when life’s good?

  • Effort, Risk and Reward
  • Writing your own story

When the mind says no, how do you stay the course?

  • Decoding the fear of failure
  • Getting to know one’s good friends – self-doubt and external pressure

Why do teams matter when you play alone?

  • The power of collective wisdom
  • Shared journeys and environments of excellence

Why do you embrace obsession?

  • Flawlessness vs. Redemption
  • Process vs. Results

You achieve your dream, your target. What next?

  • Emerging from obsession
  • Leaving a legacy and finding new worlds

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