High performance is a way of life, whether in sport or anything else. I have been my own high performance experiment and have grown as a person and a professional under the guidance of some of the best mentors in the business. Building and maintain a high performance culture requires careful design, monitoring and evaluation as well as constant improvement of programme and personnel.

Now is the time for me to pass my learning forward and with this objective I have established Abhinav Bindra High Performance, a sports consultancy. This is an advisory firm for sports programme and sports policy design and management.

My vision is to build a leading-edge knowledge-driven professional services environment that provides solutions, protocols and procedures facilitating peak performance. I believe that this initiative has the capacity to add significant financial and non-financial value to the Indian sporting ecosystem and beyond.

For inquiries, partnership proposals or for further information on services please contact Ms. Manisha Malhotra, CEO, Abhinav Bindra High Performance Consulting Pvt. Ltd. via email on highpeformance@abhinavbindra.com.